Your Journey to Smooth Skin Starts Here

On The Beam Laser is a locally owned and operated clinic out of Stittsville in the West End of Ottawa. We aim to provide top notch customer services that only an independently owned clinic can provide at affordable prices.

Your Journey to Smooth Skin Starts Here

On The Beam Laser is a locally owned and operated clinic out of Stittsville in the West End of Ottawa. We aim to provide top notch customer services that only an independently owned clinic can provide at affordable prices.

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On The Beam Laser
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Brettney Chau Dang
Brettney Chau Dang
01:36 08 Nov 21
Lynn is absolutely amazing! The appointments are always quick and painless. I’ve had about 5-7 sessions and there is significant hair loss from the areas being treated.She’s also very flexible and accommodating with scheduling appointments.Laser hair removal can get very pricey but the rates offered here are extremely reasonable for a well experienced laser technician. I would highly recommend Lynn and On the beam to anyone seeking laser hair removal!My sessions are always so lovely and Lynn is an incredible woman. I always look forward to my appointments ☺️
Stacey Boyce
Stacey Boyce
14:12 28 Jul 21
I've had a great experience with Lynn at On the Beam Laser. She is incredibly professional and personable. I've had great results with my treatment! Highly recommend!
Jamie Morin
Jamie Morin
13:01 04 Apr 21
I have been going to On the Beam Laser for just about a year now and I’m thrilled with the results of the treatments I have received. Lynn is so lovely and professional, I always look forward to my appointments.
Barry Westby
Barry Westby
23:25 19 Mar 21
I have always been self-conscious about my neck hair, but now I no longer have to be! Very professional and great results! Would definitely recommend!
Cassandra Huber
Cassandra Huber
17:00 08 Feb 21
Have been going to On the Beam Laser for over a year now and I am very satisfied with the treatments I have received. The laser hair removal works as I don't have to shave the areas anymore. Very professional and affordable, highly recommend!
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Hair Removal Options for Men

Treatments for Men

Laser hair removal is an easy way to remove unwanted hair effortlessly and with no pain. Unwanted body hair on the back or chest can be difficult, stressful, and embarrassing to maintain. On the Beam Laser provides affordable laser hair removal in a welcoming environment so you don’t have to deal with waxing or shaving ever again.

Hair Removal Options for Men

Hair Removal

Hair removal has never been easier. Imagine no more shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, or electrolysis. IPL laser technology has changed the hair removal process to a fast, fairly comfortable, safe, and lasting solution to unwanted hair on virtually any part of the body.

F.D.A. approved for long-term permanent thinning & reduction. See below for Laser Hair Removal fees and specials.

Waxing services also available. Please contact for pricing.

Trans Laser Hair Removal Pride Flag


Having the skin you want is an important part of realizing your true gender identity. In the past, that meant an endless cycle of waxing & shaving and issues like embarrassing stubble, razor burn, bumps, and ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, you can avoid these painful side effects.

Instead of irritating your skin to temporarily remove hair, laser hair removal will permanently remove the hair without damaging your skin. This is because our laser eliminates the root of the hair by targeting the melanin in the follicle so that it can never grows back.

Facial Treatments

The same IPL technology used for laser hair removal is also perfect for the face!

See below for treatment options, fees and specials.

*Certain services may require consultation with your health-care practitioner first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Laser Hair removal is generally safe for most people although those with the following are not candidates for laser hair removal:

  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Accutane (or other oral retinoids) within the last 6 months
  • History of keloid scarring
  • Any abnormal or undiagnosed pigmentations
  • Atypical moles or malignancy
  • Non-intact skin (ie rash, abrasions, psoriasis, sores, eczema, etc.)
  • Laser resurfacing in the treated area within the last 3 months
  • Any medical condition involving impairment of skin structures, especially healing
  • Poorly controlled Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Medication that may cause photosensitivity to light
  • Recent chemical or mechanical peel in the treatment area (within 2 weeks)
  • Wait 2 weeks before/after injectable or filler procedures in the treatment area
How many treatments are needed?

For laser hair removal, six to eight treatments are needed. However, some individuals may need more based on their genetics (skin colour, hair-thickness, etc.)

For facial treatments, five treatments spaced three to four weeks apart deliver the best results.

How effective is it?

You should expect between 75-90% hair reduction. While occasional touch-ups may be necessary, results are quick and long-lasting.

What does it feel like?

Laser hair removal can feel like a small pinch or snapping sensation. The area can also be iced before treatment to numb the feeling. Most people don’t exhibit any significant pain, although certain skin types may be more sensitive to therapy.

What do I do after the treatment session?

You should avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen SPF 50 to protect the affected area. Until any swelling/redness dissipates, avoid excessive heat from hot tubs, saunas, intense exercise, etc.

What type of technology do you use?

Our laser hair removal uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL). It emits precise doses of light at specific wavelengths when placed on the skin.

Get Rid of the Unwanted Hair for Good!

On the Beam Laser prides itself in being locally owned and operated. We provide the most advanced technologies with the highest standards of service at an affordable price.